SmartIT is a customized partnership program for organizations committed to maintaining their own internal IT staff.


Based on the skills, experience and preference of your own staff, you may choose to take advantage of one or more of our three service streams:


1) desktop support


2) server administration & network management


3) high-level consulting and project management


Essentially, we will work with you to cherry-pick essential services from our all-inclusive program for NetSmart Premium clients.


What it might look like:


Example 1:

Your organization has invested in top-tier technical staff, and their time is constantly being pulled for seemingly simple tasks. Six of your new staff forgot how to share Outlook calendars this month, and the printer has been making a weird squeaking noise since Tuesday.

You choose to locally outsource the day-to-day aspects of technology management to us, taking advantage of our friendly and efficient Help Desk.  We liase directly with your end users for basic troubleshooting and answering “How To” requests. We set up new user accounts and new workstations as required.

Your techs are free to focus on the bigger picture systems like overall network management, technology strategy and the planning and implementation of upcoming technology projects.

Suitable for organizations with highly qualified and very experienced tech staff.


Example 2:

Your current tech staff is fresh out of college, great at problem-solving on-the-go, makes a mean cup of coffee and well, is actually really more of a web designer than a technician. Or your brother-in-law’s cousin has been troubleshooting your computers as a favor and let’s face it, his patience is wearing thin.

You choose to locally outsource your server administration to us, taking advantage of our comprehensive 24×7 monitoring and network management systems. We ensure your computers regularly receive the latest security and software updates, the best in anti-virus protection and we verify your backups are completed every day. If something goes wrong at 3 a.m, we know about it, and we’ve responded and resolved it before your guy rolls into work at 9 a.m.

Your techs are free to concentrate on the day-to-day needs of your end users in the office, leaving the complex tasks, emergency trouble-shooting and long-range planning to us.

Suitable for organizations with entry-level or part-time tech staff.


Example 3:

You are a large organization with your own air-tight IT department. You ensure daily tasks are completed efficiently, end user requests are resolved immediately and your network is healthy and under control. There are a number of technology projects on your wish list or even on the horizon, but you just don’t have the time, manpower or expertise to develop them all.

You choose to contract us as project consultants, taking advantage of the extensive certifications and knowledge base of our technical staff with over fifty years combined experience in the field. Special projects may include:

  • disaster recovery/business continuity planning
  • in-depth network audit including analysis and recommendations
  • network rehaul
  • cloud migration
  • security enhancement
  • integrating vendor relationships
  • hardware upgrades
  • crafting a long-range IT budget
  • overall technology strategy


With the ‘big picture’ projects off their shoulders, your techs are free each day to remain a positive resource for your end users, maintain your network effectively and complete short-  and medium-range technology goals.

Suitable for large organizations, growing organizations or those who require extra support for one-off projects.


Don’t have in-house IT staff? You may be better suited to our NetSmart Service Plan.


Contact us for details.