There is one reason why most tech companies bypass microbusinesses without a second glance: they say there’s not enough profit in them and they’ve got bigger fish to fry.


We know that these ‘small fish’ are a growing force in New York City and around the country, helping to rebuild and rejuvenate our economy every day.


We know that organizations like yours aren’t going anywhere anytime soon – in fact, you’re thriving.


We’re a small fish ourselves, so we get it.


That’s why we’ve designed an exclusive service for organizations like yours.

We know you don’t have the same IT needs (or budget) as a large corporation – and that you probably don’t run your business the same way they do.


Now you can receive the same superior support as our enterprise-level clients – in a program just your size.


What it is:


MicroSmart brings the reliability, efficiency and security of our enterprise-level computer support to very small businesses and non-profit organizations.


Who it’s for:


MicroSmart is recommended

…if you have up to six laptops or desktops in New York City

…if you use a dedicated office, a hub or office-share environment or a mix of remote home/mobile locations

…if you are a startup, freelancer, “mom & pop shop” or non-profit organization


…if you want

  •  remote access to your computer from anywhere in the world you can get online
  • to optimize your internet connection for seamless browsing and streaming
  • to share files or printers easily with other members of your organization
  • to sync your smartphone or tablet (iPad, etc) to your laptop or office desktop
  • to protect sensitive information with advanced security strategies


How it works:


MicroSmart is a subscription-based tech support and IT consulting service.

For a fixed monthly fee, you enjoy unlimited access to our remote Help Desk where you can speak to a real live person to resolve your questions or support needs.

Support or troubleshooting that takes less than half an hour to complete are offered at no additional charge.


After-hours support and in-person on-site visits are available at affordable hourly rates.


What’s included:


  • full monitoring and management of computers and servers including: anti-virus protection, security and software updates
  • friendly and efficient Help Desk
  • regular on-site visits
  • regular consulting for IT strategy
  • 24 x 7 emergency support available


Does your organization use more than six (6) computers? If so, you may be best suited to NetSmart.


Contact us for details.