What it is:


HomeSmart brings the reliability, efficiency and security of our enterprise-level technical support to your residential personal computers and devices.


Who it’s for:


HomeSmart is recommended

…if you have one or more laptops, desktops, smartphones or tablet computers used by members of your household*


…if you want

  • to optimize your internet connection for seamless browsing and streaming
  • to share files or printers easily with other members of your household
  • to sync your smartphone or tablet (iPad, etc) to your laptop or home desktop
  • to connect your computers with your home entertainment center
  • to restrict computer access by children or guests for security and privacy purposes


How it works:


HomeSmart is a subscription-based tech support service.

For a fixed monthly fee, you enjoy access to our remote Help Desk where you can speak to a real live person to resolve your questions or support needs. Support or troubleshooting that takes less than half an hour to complete are offered at no additional charge.

After-hours support and in-person home visits are available at affordable hourly rates.


What’s included:


  • full monitoring and management including: anti-virus protection, security and software updates
  • analysis of your hard drive for signs of imminent failure or low disk space conditions
  • backup advice and support
  • remote Help Desk up to thirty (30) minutes per issue


*While “household” usually refers to family members, partners or roommates sharing the same residence, students away at college and family members with additional residences, etc may be covered by the same plan.

Contact us for eligibility.

Are your home computers used primarily for commercial purposes? If so, your business may be best suited to MicroSmart – our service plan for micro-businesses and non-profits with six (6) computers or fewer.